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Our company under the brand name "ALUSTYLE" is a manufacturer of aluminum composite panels, which are very popular todayand are actively used in modern construction due to their excellent performance characteristics, providing a long service life and individual appearance to buildings of different purposes.

Composite panels ALUSTYLE consist of two sheets of aluminum, between which there is a polymer filler, the total thickness of the panel is 4 mm. The front side of the composite panel is painted in various colors using a paint coating based on PVDF or PE.

PDF or PE technology

The high level of modern production of aluminum composite panels makes it possible to produce composite panels of almost any color gamut.



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Alucobond is an aluminum composite panel, a building facing composite material. The panels consist of two pre-painted aluminum sheets with a thickness of up to 0.5 mm, between which a polymer sheet based on low-pressure polyethylene is glued (pressed). General application is external lining using ventilated facade technology. These panelsare also used for washableinterior, wear-resistant cladding in public places, for advertising structures and temporary exhibition pavilions.